James Loeffler is Professor of History and holds the Jay Berkowitz Chair in Jewish History at the University of Virginia. He writes widely on modern Jewish history from Antisemitism to Zionism, as well as music, politics, and legal affairs.

The Law of Strangers

Jewish Lawyers and International Law in the Twentieth Century

From the Nuremberg Trials to contemporary human rights, Jews have long played prominent roles in the making of international law. But the actual ties between Jewish heritage and legal thought remain a subject of mystery and conjecture even among specialists. This volume of biographical studies takes a unique interdisciplinary approach, pairing historians and legal scholars to explore how the Jewish identities and experiences shaped their legal thought and activism. Using newly-discovered sources and sophisticated interpretative methods, this book offers an alternative history of twentieth-century international legal profession – and a new model to the emerging field of international legal biography.

Forthcoming September 2019 from Cambridge University Press

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